So , today is a special day . Today is the day that I chop my long, beautiful , luscious, black hair . Thank goodness there wasn’t any celebration . Or more likely d crying and wailing.  That has been an obvious, everytime I cut my hair short. Not only because who will marry me with short hair but also because they looked so beautiful and it’ll take so much time to grow them back . Like I was living in  a dreamland where I presumed hair growing like grape vine . I hav never been Rapunzel , and I don’t inspire . I do understand the concoctions of cutting short my own hair . And indeed they have by now understood my philosophy over marriage .

So, when I say everytime I cut my hair (yes it has been many times. My idea of an ultimate change in life begins with a hair cut and mostly limits to that . I am a dreamer but change happens with no will of my own), there is mostly a chaos that follows, but also there is another chaos that leads to the haircut.

This time it is over my man . He who I chose , he who chose me , just an year ago . And yes I am already ready to change him . Not coz I am a modern woman and this is inevitable . But because our recent clash is irreparable. 

So , we met four years ago for one day , where he was counselling what I was inspiring to pursue . Three years later he got his dream job and thought of extending contact ,out of a random spree, am guessing . It’s difficult to concisely explain what went next but we end up together and in love . I moved to my desert and he stayed where he belonged. Long distance relations aren’t as difficult but aren’t very easy. I state this because we were prepared for this, and also understood what we were signing for . 

Something changed recently , and awkwardly . He put forward the pretext of marriage but with vague settings.  It wasn’t a movie like proposal offcourse , but also it had no planning , no discussion , no game changer topics on table. So if it wasn’t filmy it was also not mature . 

Coming to the recents, all tries to talk substantial with him go in utter vain. And the absolute fresh talk of my little town is, his religion. He holds his religion extremely dear but also he gets defensive on it much too often . My idea of religion is null . But we need to settle on marginal grounds everytime such topics come in. And indeed it’s not a one way riot . Thought too much wrote less , nonetheless it explains my disturbed state.

Now this is the chaos that lead to the current development.  And d ideology was ‘I need change’ and also ‘can he deal with change’- ohh he has made it a point several times that he likes my long hair and prefers women with long hair blah blah .

*looks like this wasn’t published at the right time . Weeks later things haven’t changed on the subjects of chaos ,and my hair length is gone.



Middle East venturing into Indian airline industry

So, 2 days ago I read the news that our lovely civil aviation minister has asked some Arab airlines to invest in a player or start their own venture in the Indian skies. Now for those of you who don’t know how Arab airlines work , u sure know how Arab countries work. Remember 2022 FIFA reference for example.

 I was just imagining how this shall work. And it’s interesting to share this conversation with an Indian colleague.  Thus , here’s almost an excerpt . Imagine our dear DGCA , who stands strong on the grounds of safety n procedures, begging an airline to do something all other airlines would abide by . And the company saying , ” We don’t do . 100 million $ . Khalaas “. Let’s say DGCA sends a brief to this new contender of Indian skies – 1000 hrs of maximum flying for cabin crew . And the airline replies , ” We do 1400 hrs, habibi . 100 million $ . Khalaas . Yaalla ! ”  😀

This cud be a beginning of an absolutely new era . Money coming from gulf countries as bribe, being used for local benefits or further within country, is the best scenario I could come up with. Budget issuance cud say – 200 mil $ from Arab country 4, given away for public sanitation. 

 Now, there are 9 major players that comprise gulf region airlines. And this mentioned trend stands true for them all. Yes, the ones who cry out about safety and security are covered too.

 What is not understood by many is that is airlines are not just corporate holdings by a firm.  They r the national carriers or alike , and rightly so. The civil aviation authority of the country and the airline is mostly one team . Sanctions happen easily . Also, reliefs and exemptions work as per their ease n liking. Being in business with such, has its spoiling effects. Our major aircraft manufactures have time n again given statements explaining these customers . Travellers have their bit of stories to tell . And the working class keeps leaking some fumes here n there.

 All of this said, our country has recently seen lot of change and also the related  turmoil.  Post that , it may be fun to watch if this has to happen. Wallah habibi !

First blog post

Mann mein udgaar bahot hn par jab likhne baitho, toh kehne kuch nahi milta.  So, indeed this is me trying my hand at writing a blog . Literally !

It’s lame but true , that I haven’t done this before , similar to how I have stayed away from Twitter all this long . Not that I don’t have fumes I wanna let go . Rather contrary I have too many . But as u must have discovered by now , I don’t have a knack for writing . I have my own patterns in language and I don’t understand standards for writing . Schools have been difficult for me with language study but I made good guesses at grammar. That being established , lemme tell something about me , though it will stand insignificant any way .

Since I am absolutely sure I am going to be only known by my pen name , why not just call myself that . I am a female (feminist ? I guess not. But proud.) , Indian (most comfortable under my skin) , changing careers every now n then , aged to be married by Indian standards n yet not , holding umpteen degrees all worth nothing to me , explorer, foodie, moody , self esteemed and self possessed ( bollywood rings – main apni favourite hun) , and yes, ganwar (I enjoy talking in hindi . Into hindi songs).

I have said most and left some for you to discover. This blog should mainly take you around the world , coz I have a travelling job ; and people, coz am earning out of them;  also some of my experiences and learning ; but random stuff is my speciality .

I currently work as a cabin crew with an airline in d middle east and yes I shall try my best to enlighten you about what goes around this fabulous looking job . We are also humans and offcourse we have feelings and yes, we say something else when we mean something else . I’ll try my best to do justice to this role that I shall play here, though .